Sunday, 6 January 2019

Time to celebrate

Time to Celebrate

Come on January 17th to the Unley Gourmet Gala
To enable this event to be free......On average every residence in Unley is paying about $17.00 to provide the venue, music, entertainment and many others are also providing financial and voluntary support. Foodies, Families, Teens, Young: Find out why 85% of the 20,000 are return visitors. 35% are Unley residents....
From 5.00 pm Monski Mouse appears with many thanks to the Flinders Private Hospital with many children's activities. With the Hyde Park Rotary Club BBQ affordable family food and a child safe area complete with toilets enable families to party safely.
Teen Takeover with local teenage hosts , DJ Tahneisha and slam poet/actor Audrey (13) provide a new focus for teens.
All roads are in the parade and on show... Fashion designers Tiff Manuel Unley Road, Jen and Donna Goodwood Road "Frock me out" fame, Anastasia Bridal designs King William Rd. along with other fashion shops with specialized labels... Demin Iniquity from King William Rd and so much more....
More than 30 stalls... and of course the Cooking Stage.... showing us all how it's done!Italian, Japanese, Modern Aussie, Greek, Indian, Chinese, American.......
All Unley Roads again On stage... Candela, Goodwood Road, Mod good Food, Fullarton Road, Antica Pizzeria and Cucina Wood oven...
World music from lion dancers to sounds of Africa, Greece, Pakistan China etc........
Along with popular bands on other stages along the road.
Much more than Mamils.....

Sunday, 18 November 2018

2018 Election Result details and thankyou

On Monday  the 12th of November I was delighted to be able to send the following to the 1700 people on my four times only per year email group. They receive my quarterly newsletter and if you wish to  receive the quarterly newsletter please click on the link  Mayor Michael Hewitson email 
By scrolling down this blog you can find the quarterly seasonal newsletter.

"Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

                                Thank you for your help, support and trust.. 

Please find attached the results just released a few minutes ago onto the ECSA website for the 2018 election. Congratulations to all the successful candidates and my sincere thanks to all who ran. Some very good people missed out. We have seven totally new councillors, all women. I am really looking forward to working with our new Council. "

I have listed the results of the three highest scoring candidates 

Mayor 1 2 3
Michael Hewitson Dario Centrella Robert Schnell Quota
Over quota 4179
Primary Vote 4220 2465 1672 total vote
% Primary Vote 50.5% 29.5% 20.0% 8357
Kay Anastassiadis  Mike Hudson  Alex Keynes Quota
After preferences 357 329 309 359
Primary Vote 229 227 171 total vote
% Primary Vote 21.3% 21.1% 15.9% 1074
Emma Wright Nicola Sheehan Adeline Tran Quota
After preferences 511 quota 457 396 490
Primary Vote 327 285 191 total vote
% Primary Vote 22.3% 19.4% 13.0% 1468
Clarence Park
Jennifer Boisvert Don Palmer Tamsin Anspach Quota
After preferences  Over Quota 491 373 448
Primary Vote 474 410 256 total vote
% Primary Vote 35.3% 30.5% 19.1% 1343
Jane Russo Sue Dewing Jennifer Bonham Quota
After preferences 467 478 381 489
Primary Vote 268 347 208 total vote
% Primary Vote 18.3% 23.7% 14.2% 1466
Fullarton  elected unapposed Unley Park   elected unapposed
Jordon Dodd Michael Rabbitt
Peter Hughes Monica BRONIECKI

Monday, 22 October 2018



The quality of candidates for ward elections is high and as a result I am not preferencing. Please vote for all the candidates you would like elected, not just the first two. The preferences will decide many of those elected.

It has been a privilege to serve as Councillor and now Deputy Mayor. I seek your support to be able to serve you as Mayor.

With my best wishes,

                                                               Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Corflute recycling

Corflute recycling

Some plastic bottles are recycled - which is great! But there are plenty that aren't ... which is why I want to see more than 100 water fountains installed across the City of Unley! 💦

If I'm elected mayor - this is exactly what I intend to do.
So what about the plastic that we're using in the election campaign? 💁‍♂️
My plastic corflute election signs (that you'll see up on stobie poles around Unley) are all going to YCA Recycling, a proudly SA specialist sorting and processing plant ♻️
What do you think of recycled plastic products?
Have you got any great re-use ideas? 💡

authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Stop Trips for Safe Walking

Safe Footpaths 

Tree roots lift the pavers so why not some prevention rather than a cure.

We need to accelerate our tree well program. I proposed these in my 2009 newsletter to save water costs and to increase the resilience of our trees. Now so many of our trees do not have wells drawing the tree roots away from our pavers! We want safe footpaths and trip free footpaths so when we plant a new tree we need to ensure deep water to draw tree roots down.... improving safety and saving money.
Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Friday, 7 September 2018

Spring News

Water on Tap

This slogan is about saving your money, about the health of our children and about reducing plastic waste.  My spring news below has two stories... "Spring water on tap?" and "Why have bottled water when filtered water is closer?" Councillors could lead by example.
I moved a motion to encourage the use of the filtered tap water already available on tap in the council building rather than bottled water paid for by ratepayers in bottles with very limited recyclability. Little did I know that the homework on the safety and recyclability of bottled water were serious issues we need to address. In 2016 The children pictured in 2016 wrote to me to have a drinking fountain in their park that would enable them to fill their water bottles or drink direct would be the start of a change across the world.

Real Cost of bottled water Queensland University

If I am elected Mayor of Unley I will be seeking a report from staff followed by action to enable our children and community to also have access to water for drinking or to refill safe reusable water bottles.