Monday, 22 October 2018



The quality of candidates for ward elections is high and as a result I am not preferencing. Please vote for all the candidates you would like elected, not just the first two. The preferences will decide many of those elected.

It has been a privilege to serve as Councillor and now Deputy Mayor. I seek your support to be able to serve you as Mayor.

With my best wishes,

                                                               Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Corflute recycling

Corflute recycling

Some plastic bottles are recycled - which is great! But there are plenty that aren't ... which is why I want to see more than 100 water fountains installed across the City of Unley! 💦

If I'm elected mayor - this is exactly what I intend to do.
So what about the plastic that we're using in the election campaign? 💁‍♂️
My plastic corflute election signs (that you'll see up on stobie poles around Unley) are all going to YCA Recycling, a proudly SA specialist sorting and processing plant ♻️
What do you think of recycled plastic products?
Have you got any great re-use ideas? 💡

authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Stop Trips for Safe Walking

Safe Footpaths 

Tree roots lift the pavers so why not some prevention rather than a cure.

We need to accelerate our tree well program. I proposed these in my 2009 newsletter to save water costs and to increase the resilience of our trees. Now so many of our trees do not have wells drawing the tree roots away from our pavers! We want safe footpaths and trip free footpaths so when we plant a new tree we need to ensure deep water to draw tree roots down.... improving safety and saving money.
Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Friday, 7 September 2018

Spring News

Water on Tap

This slogan is about saving your money, about the health of our children and about reducing plastic waste.  My spring news below has two stories... "Spring water on tap?" and "Why have bottled water when filtered water is closer?" Councillors could lead by example.
I moved a motion to encourage the use of the filtered tap water already available on tap in the council building rather than bottled water paid for by ratepayers in bottles with very limited recyclability. Little did I know that the homework on the safety and recyclability of bottled water were serious issues we need to address. In 2016 The children pictured in 2016 wrote to me to have a drinking fountain in their park that would enable them to fill their water bottles or drink direct would be the start of a change across the world.

Real Cost of bottled water Queensland University

If I am elected Mayor of Unley I will be seeking a report from staff followed by action to enable our children and community to also have access to water for drinking or to refill safe reusable water bottles. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Rate Capping Support but make Councils responsible.

Rate Cap but make Councils responsible.

The evidence from Unley council is that the State Government is correct to ensure councils operate with a program of rate capping. 

However to remove from Councils the responsibility and authority to set their own rates is to the disadvantage of rate payers. Councils can, and some will just blame government for poor services or over borrowing leaving future ratepayers in debt.

Unlimited money is unlimited waste. I support each Council being required to set a rate cap and cut their costs to fit the income. Unley Council in this term set a target rate and the cost of rate increases fell over the full four years. The June 2016 motion to ignore the rate cap against which the 2017 budget drafted was defeated and rate capping in this council term held.
My suggestion would be to recommend to Government that Councils be required to introduce rate capping and that each Council is required to set the rate cap for three years ahead. Each year Council sets the cap for the third year out. The cap would be informed by each Council’s long term financial plan. This way each Council is both responsible to set the rate and is accountable in a very public way each election because the forward rates against the long term financial plan is known.
During the four years that Unley council set a rate cap, debt was paid down and services improved. Real financial efficiencies were found now totalling over 3.5 Million per annum.

Unley Council should …….
                Advise the LGA and State Government to separate the two issues.
1.  The first is the responsibility and accountability of local Governments to set their own rate and
2.  the second is a requirement to set rate caps. If two Councillors had changed their vote in 2016 Unley council would not have capped rates.

Council Meeting Minutes June 2016

Cr Schnell seconds Cr Boisvert amendment to raise the rate by 0.5% from a 2.2% increase to 2.7% for the 2016-7 rates and the vote is lost. 4votes in favour and 7 against. “Those voting in the negative: Councillors Smolucha, Hewitson, Palmer, Hughes, Lapidge, Sangster and Rabbitt The AMENDMENT was declared LOST “

Written and authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley SA 5061

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Michael Hewitson

Really thrilled to be opening my campaign for Mayor of Unley.

Thanks to my family for their support - and for helping post out the flyers which will be hitting your letterbox in the coming weeks.

Please give me a call for all things Unley!
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Voting is postal late in October. We have started now so that you can contact me with your thoughts and ideas. My newsletters and actions in Council have largely been your ideas, my listening and then "getting it done". Click on the website for the opening campaign themes.  Please Click on this link and visit the campaign website. I would love to receive your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

The links in the news letter are

The Highgate Primary Story

The draft Parking Policy

King William Road.... have your say

The ABC Radio with David Bevan on trees in Unley go to 1 hour 12 min


Monday, 28 May 2018

Silencing of Councillors

Our Council staff asked for a legal opinion on what Councillors are allowed to put into their reports. The legal opinion is not allowed to be shared with the Unley Community.  

"The purpose of EM reports as part of a Council agenda is to contribute to the openness, accountability and transparency of Local Government, to provide information about the activities of Elected Members undertaken in the conduct of their office...…"   

This is the report I submitted after we were told what was legal. It is quite different to the one published in the Council May agenda which our staff helpfully prepared...… no photos allowed..... no opinions allowed.... and no reports on the opinions the small sample of traders gave on King William Road. Hence I am moving a  motion to reinstate items of interest or concern. I believe it is vital for open and transparent government that elected members are able to present matters of concern or interest..... even if I disagree.
Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley