Thursday, 26 March 2015

High Rise Rules Tested

The Result   Suburban sprawl  Governance  and Corruption.

Result  FAIL

244 Unley Road is in a five storey zone. A seven storey development was approved by the State Development Commission in a five storey zone.  This is not close!  See blog below. Our rules are blown apart. Seven is the new five for the whole of Unley Road.
The Commission discussed the application.
1) RESOLVE that the proposed development is NOT seriously at variance with the relevant provisions of the Unley (City) Development Plan”
Result   40% Wrong

Adelaide’s sprawl

The SA Government should undertake planning for the state and should stop the bituminising of our food growing land around Adelaide. Unley should be given the population targets by the State  to plan for. Unley should develop the rules within this to gain State Approval.  An Unley DAP should consider applications in Unley. The developer should have a right of appeal to a State Development Commission.


Good governance would separate the approval process from the appeal. The umpire should not be the player. The inner suburbs Development Assessment Commission  is beholden to the STATE Government for its creation. The Appeal process is also beholden to the STATE.


In the long term a separation of powers will inhibit corruption.  Councils should make the rules for approval within state objectives. Councils should consider development applications. If refused the developer should have the right of appeal to the State.  
The SA Government has taken over planning for Unley.