Monday, 9 May 2022


Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

Together, we have achieved so much during this term on Council. Thank you for your continuing help.

In addition to the topics in my newsletter I wish to draw your attention to the following….

Our Community is concerned with overdevelopment, the destruction of heritage and the ongoing loss of our cooling tree canopy.

As you are aware from my previous communications to you, we were successful with the previous government in avoiding the overbearing developments the new PDC could have created. We have protected our heritage areas, which is 80% of our City. We also succeeded in securing the 30° rule for building over 3 storeys.

We have yet to win however our battle to protect our tree canopy loss resulting from over development.


We are now seeking permission from the current Minister for Planning to go to public consultation for a tree offset fund for FUTURE new developments that increase the built form. If we don’t succeed in establishing such a fund, we are heading to 13% tree canopy cover and very hot summers.

Council elections are coming up at the end of this year. I am being encouraged to run again to ensure issues of governance, climate policy implementation, better waste management, and ensuring new developments contribute to mitigating rising temperatures across Australia over the past 100 years are progressed.

Should I decide to run again I will need your help to succeed.

You are welcome to contact me over any issue of concern or interest,

With my best wishes,