Thursday, 30 September 2021

Against the trend

Unley Council is working well and is against the trend. See the three minute September Council meeting report

We lose about 850 trees each year 2018-2021 shown in red
We plant about 410 trees each year shown in bright green
We are keeping the kaki trees
and these are growing shown in the darker green around existing trees

Wednesday, 1 September 2021


Unley’s Bronze Medal 

Across Adelaide our trees are going….. but in Unley….

 some extraordinary highlights….


Between 2018-2021 Unley Tree canopy has increased by 5.19%


Are we on target to achieving our 31% tree canopy cover? It looks like it. However, it is a fool’s gold prize just now. Why?


We have been able to drill down to every property in Unley and our October rate’s notice will include the canopy cover percentage for that rateable property.

Let’s go a little larger to show how the increase is demonstrated pictorially.

·        The increase in growth is shown below in “grass” green.

·         The continuing tree canopy cover is shown in the faded green.

·        The loss due to pruning is shown in orange.

·        The loss due to tree removal in red.


The devil is in the detail.

 So let’s drill down to the total overall picture.


 Our increase is because our existing trees are being allowed to grow.

We have twice the number of trees being removed that we have being planted. 

The majority of Unley residents are contributing to the growth.

Without incentives that actually change peoples’ behaviour to retain trees on private property, we will fail in the long-term.

Why? We can only succeed if we plant more trees than we lose.

Please keep up your support and enable our great children to have a city with 31% tree canopy cover….. up to 10 degrees cooler on our stinking hot summer days.

We will share a lot more with you as our staff now have the encouragement of Council to continue their work…. Including presenting all the information in a way that can be understood without further explanation.

I would like to congratulate our staff for work which as far as I know is totally new across Australia. I know of no other council putting the tree canopy % cover on their rate notices.