Thursday, 6 August 2020

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,             

Jobs were disappearing even before Covid-19 and our grandchildren are now being lumbered with debt. Your Council is acting…. Forming partnerships and building opportunities for both young and old. (Called “mature” in PC speak) See Village Green story. As we distance our local liveability, our parks, our shaded streets and our local community are even more important to get right     

Pride they say comes before a fall. I am proud of this Council. Issues are being dealt with and all voices are respected. 2020 is not easy… from zero overall rate increase yet rising costs…. From a loss of trees with the loss of control of planning rules…. Job creation with start-ups……. I hope you find the Spring 2020 newsletter interesting 

Ruining our footpaths?

You choose the best...!

Village Green Plans

Rates Rise O%,  How?

Angus sells peaches

Unley Life, a waste or?

Everard Park to Glen Osmond nature trail?

National Recognition

Thank you for your support and Ideas.

 With my best wishes,