Monday, 28 May 2018

Silencing of Councillors

Our Council staff asked for a legal opinion on what Councillors are allowed to put into their reports. The legal opinion is not allowed to be shared with the Unley Community.  

"The purpose of EM reports as part of a Council agenda is to contribute to the openness, accountability and transparency of Local Government, to provide information about the activities of Elected Members undertaken in the conduct of their office...…"   

This is the report I submitted after we were told what was legal. It is quite different to the one published in the Council May agenda which our staff helpfully prepared...… no photos allowed..... no opinions allowed.... and no reports on the opinions the small sample of traders gave on King William Road. Hence I am moving a  motion to reinstate items of interest or concern. I believe it is vital for open and transparent government that elected members are able to present matters of concern or interest..... even if I disagree.
Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
Once again five of the stories in the newsletter are initiated by you… the owners of Unley. It is a privilege to serve our Unley Community with so many great ideas coming from you, and working with me to see our community improved. Listening… getting it done…. Delivering.
The world is on the cusp of a revolution greater then we have seen to date. The Heywood park story hides the dramatic impact it will have on the way we live. Artificial Intelligence, Robots that learn like Children, and the low level example of autonomous cars we dial up and the car takes us to our destination are also hints of the coming revolution. Heywood Park with smart city technology
20% Tree cover loss
We have just lost 20% of our tree canopy across Unley since 2013. We had 26% cover and now it is 22% in 2017!  Please click on the link in my website where you will find a copy of my presentation to Council to come up with real solutions…. Not just words with targets.
For Michael’s presentation to Council on saving and growing our tree canopy click the link below.
Michael's Council workshop… saving our Tree Canopy

Authorised by Michael Hewitson 10 Ramage St Unley