Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Dear Owners of Unley

I sent out my newsletter in ignorance.  How silly are our SA laws? In Victoria, ACT, NT and Tasmania you can ride an approved e-scooter limited like our hire scooters to 10 KPH.

Can I ride my own e-scooter?

You can only ride your privately owned e-scooter on private property - not on roads, footpaths or other public spaces. Otherwise, you may use the e-scooters owned by the operators permitted in each trial, as per applicable rules and restrictions.

If you are caught riding an e-scooter not approved for this trial you may be fined for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle $1,232.00

 With only 2,000 receiving my regular email quarterly newsletter this newsletter is being distributed to every house hold and postbox across Unley. 

We have a range of policies actions and expenditure proposals coming to final consultation I believe will shape life in our City. We are looking for community feedback and involvement in shaping our out future direction. 

Ros and I are paying for 20,000 coloured printed copies and distribution across Unley with two post codes by Australia Post and our grand children and I delivering the balance.


Mayor's Message - February 2021

Published on 01 March 2021                       right click

The key topic this month is the Economic Development Growth Strategy and what it means for the people and businesses of Unley. The Strategy will be open for public consultation and seeking feedback from residents and businesses during March 2021.