Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Push to increase Rates is Wrong

Unlimited Money is unlimited waste. 

Unley Council has the financial capacity to borrow millions more because we are running a budget with a $2.8 million surplus and can afford to pay it off. We received professional accounting advice reporting that our finances are in good shape. The only item for expenditure queried by the commercial accountant was the spending of over $4 million on Goodwood Road footpath upgrades without a  business plan. To have higher rates would simply increase our "profits" and increase our future capacity to borrow. My concern is this may allow future capital works to be easily undertaken without a business plan to back it.

We should maintain trust with accurate Consultation

Is it fair to our ratepayers to present a budget for consultation and after consultation to significantly raise the rates?  Some Councillors are pushing for increasing rates from 2.2% to 2.7%. We have consulted on a project costing $170,000 and with mixed feedback have reduced our capital expenditure.... after consultation yet some are proposing to increase.... not reduce the rate.