Friday, 15 November 2019

Summer 2019 News We waste water but save some.

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

The new State Planning rules will affect us all. Will local councils have any role in shaping our local communities? Or will councils be blamed for the problems that arise....  hot and dry? No trees on private property? High-rise next door overlooking us? Developers following State wide rules or getting special deals from the State Minister? Where is the oversight with checks and balances? Or will developers working with their councils be allowed to develop their local plans subject to Ministerial approval? How will the rules governing an approval be enforced? More expensive red-tape or an owner driven low cost compliance? 

Unley Council is proposing our answers to these questions.  We have 15% mandatory tree and deep root zone on all new developments. We have a 30 degree envelope ceiling rule around all high rise areas, sunlit and not overbearing. Our full list will be on our agenda early next year.

Wishing you and your families a joy filled Christmas and hopefully with us, a cool green and bright New Year.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Spring news 10 degrees hotter

Spring news  10 degrees hotter

We need State Government help. Opie Avenue is 10 degrees cooler 32°C than Park Street 42°C.  This story will be told in my Summer Newsletter  when I know the outcome of our Council's request to trial a planning rule in Unley requiring new developments to have 15% deep root zone and tree canopy cover when the trees are fully grown.         
  (Heat map data from Eastern and Northern Adelaide Collaborative Heat Mapping Project; 2018 aerial imagery)

 Unley cannot achieve our State Government 31% tree canopy target without a mandatory 15% minimum on new developments. Over 50% of Unley will be redeveloped in the next 25 years based on the rate of the past 5.

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Monday, 24 June 2019

Michael's Winter News

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
                                                          Once again I thank you for your support and ideas. In this newsletter I am asking for your thoughts on how new rules for new developments could be enforced to achieve a cool green and sunlit Unley.

We passed our first budget of the new Council last night and the full details are in the agenda on this link.    June Council Agenda  full details   

The meeting was an excellent meeting with hotly contested debates on issues that really mattered to Councillors.

Everything we consulted on has been passed. In the agenda are details of many items summarised in the newsletter. Rates had to be increased by 0.15% or about $2.00 per rate to cover half of the cost of a $37 rate impost for dumping rubbish into land fill. I would have liked the State government to have used the money to generate SA based recycling businesses so we do not rely on Indonesia or others to do it for us. We need to reduce our landfill and increase our recycling and make money doing so!

With my best wishes,


Mayor Michael Hewitson AM

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Autumn News

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
              Please find attached Michael’s Autumn News… the good news
  1. Council voted against an amendment that allowed rates to be more than 2.1% and more than 1% above CPI. Rates in budget approved for consultation is a 2.1% increase.
    1. Surplus 5% used to pay down debt
    2. Trees were well supported with $711,000 budget for year one of the plan.
  2. King William Road design is all complete and a contractor appointed.
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With my best wishes,
       0439 752 867

Mayor Michael Hewitson AM

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Late Summer News and Unley Oval

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

Lifechangers and Unley council are exploring the funding and completion of the development of the Jack Oatey stand.   Please click on the link to find out more
Councils unanimous vote and the proposal

Newsletter Contents.
Closing dates loom for the Young Entrepreneurs program and application for community grants.
Also attached is a very late item that did not make the newsletter which also is about young people. It does involve the Unley Oval Oatey Grandstand  providing a home to Life changes and being a community resource that will also be available to Sturt on match days. 
Rate Target  2020
Future Entrepreneurs
Public Art
Safe to  Walk & Cycle
Community Grants
Black Forest Pr. 100yr
Milan 2°C cooler

Late Summer newsletter 2019

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

100 Years Old

Black Forest Primary School Centenary

When the School began in February 1919 we were told that Black Forest was so heavily treed that you could not see the sky! It was a great pleasure to attend and start the tree replanting with students in period costume! In the Mayor's report at the moment you can not put in any photos of yourself, nor have any ideas, opinions or express concerns. In March, Council are reviewing our meeting procedures. I hope Council will encourage and allow their constituents to know  their opinions and concerns and can represent you formally in writing. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I wore the Mayoral chains which were originally in use 125 years ago. 

The First photo shows the tree planted and a picture for Mum, the second the student leaders helping!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Time to celebrate

Time to Celebrate

Come on January 17th to the Unley Gourmet Gala
To enable this event to be free......On average every residence in Unley is paying about $17.00 to provide the venue, music, entertainment and many others are also providing financial and voluntary support. Foodies, Families, Teens, Young: Find out why 85% of the 20,000 are return visitors. 35% are Unley residents....
From 5.00 pm Monski Mouse appears with many thanks to the Flinders Private Hospital with many children's activities. With the Hyde Park Rotary Club BBQ affordable family food and a child safe area complete with toilets enable families to party safely.
Teen Takeover with local teenage hosts , DJ Tahneisha and slam poet/actor Audrey (13) provide a new focus for teens.
All roads are in the parade and on show... Fashion designers Tiff Manuel Unley Road, Jen and Donna Goodwood Road "Frock me out" fame, Anastasia Bridal designs King William Rd. along with other fashion shops with specialized labels... Demin Iniquity from King William Rd and so much more....
More than 30 stalls... and of course the Cooking Stage.... showing us all how it's done!Italian, Japanese, Modern Aussie, Greek, Indian, Chinese, American.......
All Unley Roads again On stage... Candela, Goodwood Road, Mod good Food, Fullarton Road, Antica Pizzeria and Cucina Wood oven...
World music from lion dancers to sounds of Africa, Greece, Pakistan China etc........
Along with popular bands on other stages along the road.
Much more than Mamils.....