Sunday, 3 June 2018

Michael Hewitson

Really thrilled to be opening my campaign for Mayor of Unley.

Thanks to my family for their support - and for helping post out the flyers which will be hitting your letterbox in the coming weeks.

Please give me a call for all things Unley!
Scooter-post with Ala


Voting is postal late in October. We have started now so that you can contact me with your thoughts and ideas. My newsletters and actions in Council have largely been your ideas, my listening and then "getting it done". Click on the website for the opening campaign themes.  Please Click on this link and visit the campaign website. I would love to receive your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

The links in the news letter are

The Highgate Primary Story

The draft Parking Policy

King William Road.... have your say

The ABC Radio with David Bevan on trees in Unley go to 1 hour 12 min