Friday, 7 September 2018

Spring News

Water on Tap

This slogan is about saving your money, about the health of our children and about reducing plastic waste.  My spring news below has two stories... "Spring water on tap?" and "Why have bottled water when filtered water is closer?" Councillors could lead by example.
I moved a motion to encourage the use of the filtered tap water already available on tap in the council building rather than bottled water paid for by ratepayers in bottles with very limited recyclability. Little did I know that the homework on the safety and recyclability of bottled water were serious issues we need to address. In 2016 The children pictured in 2016 wrote to me to have a drinking fountain in their park that would enable them to fill their water bottles or drink direct would be the start of a change across the world.

Real Cost of bottled water Queensland University

If I am elected Mayor of Unley I will be seeking a report from staff followed by action to enable our children and community to also have access to water for drinking or to refill safe reusable water bottles.