Monday, 18 May 2020

Budget and Mike Turtur Bikeway

First Video effort - Mike Turtur bikeway and budget 2021

Video link Budget 2021 Mike Turtur Bikeway  Right click on the links and then open to see an amateur Mayor present the latest on Unley Council happenings.  To have your say by May 21st go to Budget 2021 have your say and see the budget.  At least I dressed up for the occasion. Email you comments!

Sunday, 3 May 2020

WINTER 2020 news

Winter 2020 news 

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
On Sunday 3rd of May Councils were encouraged to open our playgrounds. Tempted... I had already discussed with our CEO to open them on Monday... 

Ros cycled past the playground next door on Sunday and saw delighted children playing.  The ropes were down and Ros asked, "did you remove the ropes?" I was so glad they were gone, but a Mayor does not take over. Hopefully we can continue to control the virus spread and regain our ability to to open up and enjoy life together. I have downloaded the COVID-19 app to enable us to do so. In SA, we do not have immunity so a new infection spread must be caught fast for us all to be safe.

Please find attached the 2020 Winter news with both the 2021 Budget and the Tree strategy out for consultation. How do we best help those struggling with the COVID-19 lock down and particularly those businesses which have had to shut down? The needs are changing daily. Council is consulting on a budget that may well need to be changed as a result of feedback. We are discussing taking action by amending this year’s budget to provide immediate help. Our Coordinator Business and Economic Development gave me the email links so the information I am sending you will be updated.

Thank you for your support, ideas with open and honest feedback. So much of our strategy is thanks to the contributions you have made and how this is to be applied, I hope will make. 
Keep safe and keep well
With my best wishes,