Sunday, 4 September 2016

Letter for spring newletter

Email letter for Michael’s “Spring 2016 Newsletter

Dear Friends and owners of Unley,
          Once again I had too much material to fit in the newsletter to be printed. It has been a pleasure to be the presiding officer of the Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee and I have reported many of the outcomes of this work which was unanimously endorsed by Council. I have attached the links to the reports and strategic planning documents.
DOGS:  Changes to Dog access to parks were open for consultation. “HAVE YOUR SAY!” I have attached this advice.
The parking and traffic:  Community feedback has now been received from the consultation (June 2016) on the draft LATM plan - Unley Wayville and Goodwood. A report on the matter, is scheduled to be provided at the next Council meeting.
Unley Central  
Thank you to all those who have responded with ideas and critiques of the documents being planned. contains more information and links on the Unley Central planning.
The elected Councillors of Unley take their role seriously and I thank again the staff for their support and professionalism in preparing the budgets, and the staff who have worked with the Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee in including the public feedback when shaping our strategic plans.
With my good wishes


Michael's 2016 spring News