Monday, 24 June 2019

Michael's Winter News

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
                                                          Once again I thank you for your support and ideas. In this newsletter I am asking for your thoughts on how new rules for new developments could be enforced to achieve a cool green and sunlit Unley.

We passed our first budget of the new Council last night and the full details are in the agenda on this link.    June Council Agenda  full details   

The meeting was an excellent meeting with hotly contested debates on issues that really mattered to Councillors.

Everything we consulted on has been passed. In the agenda are details of many items summarised in the newsletter. Rates had to be increased by 0.15% or about $2.00 per rate to cover half of the cost of a $37 rate impost for dumping rubbish into land fill. I would have liked the State government to have used the money to generate SA based recycling businesses so we do not rely on Indonesia or others to do it for us. We need to reduce our landfill and increase our recycling and make money doing so!

With my best wishes,


Mayor Michael Hewitson AM