Monday, 4 July 2016

Winter e news Rates update

Rates increase lost.

Four Councillors voted to increase the rates from 2.2%  to 2.7% 
Those voting in the affirmative:
Councillors Schnell, Boisvert, Salaman and Hudson
Those voting in the negative:
Councillors Smolucha, Hewitson, Palmer, Hughes, Lapidge, Sangster and Rabbitt
The AMENDMENT was declared LOST
The original MOTION was put and declared CARRIED

Our rates will go up by an average calculated using the council method at 2.2%. When the the final rates charged and the number of residential ratepayers are known I suspect this will become an actual mathematical residential rate rise of 2.3 -2.4%. In an earlier blog below I have explained the reasons why our rates going up twice the rate of our costs should not be increase even further!