Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer 17-18 Newsletter

The Code of Conduct rules
‘The use of the “Code of Conduct” to lay complaints is a never ending farce that can destroy Local Government. I have had cause and opportunity to lay complaints against three other elected members and two members of staff on different matters that breached the code. I chose not to do so….  I also asked you not to waste time on the “he said or did this…. Etc.…. We have more important work to do to focus on the building a better Unley for the people who have entrusted this to us. We should not decend into a never ending round of legalese and politicking that gives our owners and ratepayers nothing! ‘  
Hopefully the rules will be rewritten as the Premier has announced he was planning to repeal the code.

Dear Friends and Co-owners of Unley,
                                On a happier note you will find my newsletter attached indicating in Unley we are getting on with building a better future for Unley. I am often asked what is happening at our neighbouring Burnside Council, “Lots of lawyers…. Great expense and little benefit to ratepayers…
In Unley we could travel the same road.  Cr Hudson was found to have breached the code of conduct after a tied vote of 5-5 with the Mayor then supporting the admin’s recommendation that supported holding the discussions in secret. With Crs Hughes, Koumi, Schnell and Salaman I voted to only receive the report as I have no confidence in our Code of Conduct and means by which members are found to be guilty. A Councillor said it all when pronouncing in the public part of the meeting that it was important that the discussions were “in confidence” (secret) because it enabled ‘us’ to say things we could not say in public! Cr Hudson had no representation in the secret meeting.
I wrote to all elected members and senior staff,
Dear Colleagues,
                                I was not allowed to move my notice of motion to receive the report and take no action, or speak to it before we became secret. My attachments are not confidential as I stand behind them publicly. I was able to read out the summary after we had the secret debate.
The use of Code of Conduct complaints is a never ending farce …………..
The reasons are
            1              The code of conduct rules are flawed
2              They operate in secrecy denying justice
3              To ensure elected members are able to carry out their duties without being frightened into inaction by heavy legal handedness.
4              To enable future Councillors have some confidence that they can             nominate, be elected and not be exposed to false reputational damage         without the opportunity to explain or defend.
5.           The charge against Cr Hudson is one of behavior at an Adelaide Council meeting. He was not acting as the City of Unley Councillor representing Unley. Some Adelaide Councillors would be very unhappy with what Cr Hudson said about a memorial and about the actions of the Adelaide Council. If it was about his representing Unley falsely it would be our business, but it was not. If Mike Hudson had committed an offence it should be judged by a proper public court where he is able to provide a defense and test the validity of the claims.
Please email me if you would like a copy of my full email giving details and explanations….. Let’s get on with improving life in Unley…..

Michael Hewitson AM

Councillor City of Unley 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

                    Going video

You can click on this link and see your councillor being nearly run over by a truck whilst demonstrating how safe it will be.

Control click on……. Walking and cycling in Unley

Please click on the U TUBE link for an update on our progress to improve safety and usability of our cycling transport corridors across Unley.

          Please find attached Michael’s spring newsletter raising the issue of parking in Unley.  “Should parking be free?” Please email me for a copy of my draft thoughts.

          Once again so much of this news and success has originated because you have contacted me and said… “Why don’t we……?”

           Your feedback on the parking policy would be both welcome and timely.

With my good wishes,


Michael Hewitson AM

Councillor Unley Ward

08 82719731

Michael's Spring Newsletter

Monday, 2 October 2017

Implementing Unley Walking and Cycling Plan

Walking and cycling in Unley

Please click on the U TUBE link for an update on our progress to improve safety and usability of our cycling transport corridors across Unley.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,
                Please find attached Michael’s winter Unley e-newsletter. Once again you will see that much of the newsletter has been initiated by you, the owners of Unley. This is a newsletter about making decisions when people disagree or are competing for resources. It hopefully describes balanced decisions that are intended to benefit the whole of Unley over the long term. You may disagree and I welcome your feedback.
                I cannot fit everything into my two page news. I would love to have dealt with the State Government just declaring new high rise zones and our feedback to that. Those on my high-rise email group have received this along with the plan we submitted for Central Unley which the minister has approved. Some other emails sent out to other email groups including “tree Group” “Unley Oval Group” and a budget group are attached….. But only one from each. If you are interested in parking permits I am planning to report on this in the Spring Newsletter and your thoughts are very welcome.

Thank you for your ideas, your support and encouragement,


Links for Winter Newsletter 2017
Right click to get the link.....

Parks Dogs off leads vs People.      Across Unley we have parks where Dogs have priority and others where some People without Dogs can feel safe.

Unley walking and Cycling Plan

Tree Strategy

Environmental Strategy
Toxic TCE vapours. this article from that you might be interested in:
King William Road Plans

Unley Oval Grandstand developments

Winter 2017

Monday, 3 April 2017

Autumn News and Council reports

Dear Friends,

The silencing of elected members is so important that I gave detailed reports in the official agenda for the council meetings in February and March. 

The details can be all found in my report to Council and can be found in full on the link below and scroll to pp 258 - 260. I have copied in the opening paragraph.

Cr Michael Hewitson    March Report to Council.
Silencing of Councillors
On ensuring competitive tender processes.

State Government rules specific to Elected members of Local Government are not preventing corruption but are silencing elected Councillors.

Unley Central
The residents to Unley Ward had no Ward Councillor allowed to represent them in the final stages of the Unley Central DPA. We had been advised by council’s legal advisors that under new state rules I had a material conflict of interest in dealing with the Unley central DPA. The matter was too important just to accept. It seemed crazy. Yes, my son and his family's home lies on the border of Unley Central DPA and this I thought should be declared as a perceived conflict of interest and not a material one. No decisions on the agenda were to affect the value of their home. I confirmed this in writing with our Principal policy planner after the agenda was published.[i]

[i] Principal Policy Planner on Friday 10/03/2017 3:02 PM that
The presented SCPA Report in the CS&DPC Agenda is not recommending any amendments to the original draft DPA policy changes released in September 2016 in regard to the north east section of the DCe Zone on Unley Road north of Frederick Street.   
However, the outcome overall would be an affirmation of the proposed changes that were part of the original draft DPA and whatever value change they may have.”


Ensuring a competitive tender process
In my report to Council in February I gave the explanation as to why I sent the email which was not marked as confidential saying how Council was ensuring a competitive tender process. (click on link and scroll to p 233)

In this report were my concerns about the isolation I as an elected member had legally enforced on me, preventing the collection of evidence to defend my actions. It is vital to our ratepayers that our Council has competitive tender processes that encourage wide participation of tenderers.

My thanks to Councillors who have given strong support and encouragement and indicating that they too believed the content to be non-confidential and worth sharing with those who had raised concerns.

I am committed to an open and transparent Council..... one our community can trust.
Cr Michael Hewitson AM