Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Dear Friends and Owners of Unley,

                    Going video

You can click on this link and see your councillor being nearly run over by a truck whilst demonstrating how safe it will be.

Control click on……. Walking and cycling in Unley

Please click on the U TUBE link for an update on our progress to improve safety and usability of our cycling transport corridors across Unley.

          Please find attached Michael’s spring newsletter raising the issue of parking in Unley.  “Should parking be free?” Please email me mhewitson@unley.sa.gov.au for a copy of my draft thoughts.

          Once again so much of this news and success has originated because you have contacted me and said… “Why don’t we……?”

           Your feedback on the parking policy would be both welcome and timely.

With my good wishes,


Michael Hewitson AM

Councillor Unley Ward

08 82719731

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