Friday, 13 April 2018

Our tree canopy cover in Unley has dropped from 26% to 22% in just four years.

We know that without this cover Unley will be 3-5 degrees hotter in Summer. Council granted me the privilege of running a workshop to turn this around.

To open the presentation right click on this link

Michael's Council workshop on Saving Unley's tree canopy

Councillor Hewitson has given notice of intention to move the following motion at the Council meeting to be held on 23 April 2018:
That staff develop a paper exploring options to enable Council to achieve its tree canopy objectives as set out in Council’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and the target defined in the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, with a particular focus on strategies related to private land.
This paper should include, but not be limited to, ideas suggested at a Council workshop on 3 April 2018, such as:
Mandatory percentage of tree cover for planning approvals;
Better design rules and increased penalties (for noncompliance and/or damage to regulated/significant trees);
Establishment of a pre-significant tree register;
Rate remission for planting trees on private land (commercial);
Rate reduction for properties with over 52% tree canopy cover (residential);
Provision of free/subsidised trees for planting on private land (commercial & residential)

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